Building Analysis is a preliminary evaluation of the building from the architectural point of view. 


There are many aspects to consider before remodeling:  Accessibility, Functionality, Potential improvements, Negatives impacts, Current Architectural Values, Code compliances, Impact to other trades and other aspects that we analyze before we develop a conceptual project.


There are many properties with no records of blueprints. When the administration office does not have those records, we can produce them by sending our people to the site and getting all dimensions and information needed to transfer into a computer to produce electronic files useful for the next improvement project.


Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Alarm, Fire protection, and Structural are some of the trades that may require

As-Built drawings to proceed with the next project.

It is always an excellent idea to develop a conceptual design before taking any investment decisions.


The conceptual design shows preliminary views and proposed layouts in a quick form using different tools such as sketches, color renders, 3D views and online references to accomplish the goal of making the project understood by all parts before moving into the next step. This next step is to produce the construction documents for building and permitting purposes.


These are all the drawings needed to submit a permit for construction as well as the building process to be developed by a General Contractor.


Coordination with all Engineering trades are very important for the project and, it is something that we do quite well here at AD+A and something that we NEVER get complains for from our clients.

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Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural, Fire Alarm, Fire protection, Civil Eng. and Interior Design are other engineering trades we need to work with very well along the projects.


Coordination is very important between all these trades to make the project succeed. At AD+A we are proud of doing this task efficiently. We have a good team that surrounds us and that is why we can work  in accommodation with any schedule.